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Refer a Friend and Get Rewards!

That’s right! There’s nothing we value more than customer satisfaction, and we want to reward you for yours. With our referral program, you’re eligible for up to a $200 Visa gift card each time you refer a friend. Think about all you could do with an extra $200; that’s two nice dinners for the family, a smart home system, or even a nice new outdoor grill!

Why are we doing this? Not only do we want to say thank you for your loyalty, but you’re also helping us to grow our business. Referrals are the best way to gain and keep new customers, and the larger we grow, the better technology we acquire, the more technicians we can hire, and the better service you get.

Your repeat business and confidence in our company is the reason we come to work in the morning, so why not reward you for sharing the love?

How Our Referral Program Works

Here’s how it works—when you refer a new customer, you get:

  • $25 for a referral that results in a service call schedule and a repair made
  • $50 for a complete system replacement appointment
  • Additional $150 if/when your referral purchases a complete heating and cooling system

Have you ever caught yourself telling a neighbor, family member, or friend about a home contractor experience? Have you ever seen friends ask for recommendations for an HVAC company on Facebook, or even in person? Now you’ll get rewarded for dropping our name.

We always want to thank you for your repeat business, and we really, truly appreciate you trusting us with your home comfort. If you have any questions about our loyalty and referral program, contact us any time!

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