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Our Heating Products

Winter temperatures are generally quite mild in North Carolina, but you still need a heating system to ensure home comfort when the weather turns sour. The type of heating equipment you choose depends on your personal preference and heating requirements. Comfort Services Heating & Cooling has the heating products you need for comfort and efficiency.

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The traditional way to heat a ducted home is with a central furnace. This is the go-to option for home heating because furnaces are affordable, efficient and durable. They deliver heat to every room via ductwork for whole-house comfort.

At Comfort Services, we install Rheem furnaces. Natural gas is the most common fuel we recommend because it’s economical and relatively clean. We also install electric models for homeowners without access to natural gas lines.

Heat Pumps

If electricity is your only fuel option, a heat pump is usually a more economical choice than an electric furnace. This equipment moves heat like an air conditioner but in reverse, heating your home by extracting heat from the outdoor air.

Then, the heat pump replaces the function of your air conditioner for cooling in the summer. This makes installing a heat pump a particularly cost-saving choice if you also need a new home cooling system.

Ductless Heating Systems

What if you want to enjoy efficient heating but your home doesn’t have ductwork? Installing a ductless heating system is a modern solution to a problem that often plagues older homes.

Ductless heating systems work much the same as heat pumps, moving heat between indoor and outdoor spaces with electricity. This means you can also rely on ductless systems for home cooling. The indoor air handler mounts to the wall, floor, or ceiling while the condensing unit sits outside. The two components are connected through a hole in the wall and deliver heating and cooling with no ductwork required.

Dual Fuel Heating Systems

To enjoy the best of both worlds, you may want a dual fuel heating system. This combines the energy efficiency of an electric heat pump in mild conditions with the high-heat production of a gas furnace when the temperature drops.

Ordinarily, heat pumps come with an inefficient backup electric resistance heater, but in dual fuel systems, a much more efficient furnace replaces this backup heat source. This system requires you to buy two heating products, but it delivers the most efficient performance possible.

Contact Comfort Services for Quality Heating Products in NC

Whether you know which heating product will work best for your Raleigh-Durham home or you want advice from the experts, Comfort Services can help. During our 10 years in business, we have become one of the most trusted HVAC contractors in the Triangle area. We’ll help you make the most economical, comfort-boosting decision for your home.

To receive your free heating product estimate, contact us online or call 919-329-2944.

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