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Air Conditioning Services

AC Service, Maintenance, and Installation

Competency, proficiency, and skill count in giving outstanding service.  Comfort Services, Inc. is proud of our tradition of excellence in serving homeowners in Triangle area. As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, Comfort Services, Inc. has accumulated an extensive knowledge and understanding of home, indoor, and environmental comfort. We do the job right the first time – guaranteed.

Fast, 24-hour emergency service is key when your comfort system unexpectedly breaks down. Comfort Services, Inc. offers

  • Industry certified, trained technicians available weekdays, evenings and weekends
  • No emergency rates
  • Fully stocked, mobile service and maintenance vehicles
  • Service available 24/7, 365 days a year


Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure efficient operation and peak performance for your equipment, while keeping energy usage and utility bills in check, not to mention peace of mind. In fact, up to 33% of system efficiency depends on regular maintenance. Comfort Services, Inc. will ensure that your system operates at or above the strict manufactures’ specifications with:

  • Industry certified, trained technicians performing all tune-ups
  • Automatically scheduled Maintenance Agreements
  • Consistently recorded maintenance schedules, which prevent voiding manufacturer’s warranties
  • Fully stocked, mobile service and maintenance vehicles to eliminate delays and keep you comfortable all year round


Over 60% of the efficiency and reliability of your new comfort system rests in the hands of your contractor. Unfortunately, according to studies, up to 90% of home comfort systems are installed improperly. These poor installations cost consumers millions of dollars each year in increased utility and repair bills. Even more important is the safety and reliability of your new system. Comfort Services, Inc. has established strict installation guidelines to ensure your comfort and safety, including:

  • Factory-trained Installation Specialists who have passed strict background, DMV, and drug tests
  • Proper permits with city, county, or township registrars
  • Custom design and manufacture all sheet metal fabrication
  • Industry certified, trained technicians who install equipment to exact manufacturer’s specifications
  • Proper handling and disposal of all environmentally hazardous materials according to federal guidelines
  • Ongoing evaluation in an effort to balance and adjust your new comfort system for maximum efficiency
  • Professionally installed equipment which is performance certified, in writing, to ensure that your new comfort system is operating at or above manufacturer’s specifications
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